LIMSA (Luxembourg International Management Services Association) is the representative body for first-rate trust companies in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

It was created in June 2004 by 15 founder-members and its goal is primarily aimed at the promotion of the Luxembourg trust industry and the representation of the professional interests of its members.

To realize these objectives the association takes initiatives in the following fields both on the national as on the international level :

The association maintains a code of good practice, to which its members adhere.

Members originate from four professions (lawyers, chartered accountants, bankers and others) and are all professionals authorized by law to offer domiciliation services.

In order to strengthen and broaden its communication platform towards local authorities and governmental bodies, LIMSA has become member of PROFIL, the Luxembourg Federation of Financial Sector's Professionals.

Further, it has become member of ASTF (Association pour la Santé au Travail du Secteur Financier - the Luxembourg Financial Sector's Health Association), thus allowing LIMSA members to call upon the different medical services the ASTF offers (such as medical examinations, vaccinations, special workshops, ...).